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The unit created awareness in more new communities using critical mass approach of mobilizing women to act as a pressure group to bring about changes at the grassroots.

During this period under review, the center engaged in spadework and sensitization of new communities, creating of awareness on women human right and civic responsibilities. Women were empowered in some communities, in Enugu and Ebonyi states.

During the outreach a one-day sensitization workshop on Democracy and Governance activities in particular and DEC programmes in general was organized.

Hence, recording to a total of 1,500 women leaders in attendance during this sensitization / Dialogue forum,  DEC/ women Empowerment programme  and its method of  critical approach of  Democracy and Governance Initiative (D&G) was explained in details using 100 women group to work as agent of social transformation and change. The women were as well educated on the importance of involving their community stakeholders both Christians and traditional persons in their activities to enable them succeed in their set objectives.

As a follow-up to this one-day sensitization forum in the above mentioned Local government Areas, A 2-day capacity building workshop was later organized for 25 women who came up with a positive report indicating their interest and requesting for DEC’ Democracy and governance 100-women group initiative to be launched in their  respective communities.

During this 2-day capacity building/training, participants were trained on mobilization strategies, using critical mass approach to act as a force to bring about changes at the grassroots through dialogue and Solidarity by women; women human rights, peace building and conflict resolution strategies.

At the workshop, the training manual was used as a basis for discussion, Group work and role play was organized illustrating the expectations from the breitling cosmonaute clone watches participants. By the end of the workshop, the women leaders were given copies of the training manual for use in their subsequent education and sensitization of the members of their respective CBOs (community Based organization) and their 100-central body representing each CBO.

The programme officer also carried out  verification visits to these  communities where leaders have been trained, this was as a follow-up to find out how far the women have gone in carrying out the Democracy and Governance activities in the areas USING THE D&G Mannual of operation, before the official Inauguration of the programme by DEC Enugu in that community. During this verification exercise, the programme officer visited the community stakeholders and enlightened them more on the Democracy and governance activities and its method of implementation as well as how it will affect positively in their communities. This is because in most communities where the programme is introduced, Men always feel threatened that women are taking their positions.

Based on this, the programme officer made it a tradition to ensure that the fears of the  Men are addressed. And also encouraged them to act in solidarity with the women for the success of this programme.

It is expected that 100 Women Central body will be officially inaugurated in THREE new communities and hence Launch the D&G Programme in these communities by  the end of April 2009.The launching of the  D&G Program in 3 new communities by the end of April 2009 will bring to 25  NEW Communities working with DEC between in the past one year. Our Plan is to be working actively in 50 new communities with our D&G Programme by the end of July 2010, apart from the old communities being carried forward in our programme.


During this same period also, DEC Women Education and Empowerment organized a speaking out rallies in old communities in Enugu State. The essence of the rally were to encourage the women groups to use their acquired knowledge while in DEC to demand what is due to them from both the local government and their community, as well as inform them to assist them when ever they need her advise. During the speaking out rally DEC intend to find the impact of DEC programm in the lives of men, women and children in their communities. Women are encouraged to always act in Unisom for the progress of their community and for a better life.

It is on record that such rallies do attract many women, men and youths in these communities as they turn out to share testimony of their experiences since DEC came to their community.

The programme is very challenging but its activities have positive affects on women lives and the people in these communities where this programme is being implemented.  It is on record that D&G 100 WOMEN CENTRAL BODIES had worked on the widowhood rites and brought about changes on its observances in some communities as it affects widows and property rights. The D&G Women had made remarkable impact in various communities by restoring the dignity of widows and the voiceless who has nobody to speak on their behalf when they were intimidated and denied their rights to inheritance of their late husbands property due to the traditional belief and custom that has no regard for a woman.

In the communities where D&G is practiced,Breitling Replica Watches women are now given opportunities to participate in traditional councils and in the political field to enable them seek for their rightful positions.


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