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My elevation to the position of the traditional ruler of my community Mkpamte in Igboeze North local government area of Enugu state was made possible to a large extent by the women of my community. When I had problem with my community people based on the fight I entered into to protect the rights of the less privileged, some members of my community especially the men folk saw my action as detrimental to their interest and plotted to divert the community people against me. The women stood their ground and supported me in making sure that justice was done.

This singular act of the women informed the decision of my community people to elect me as the traditional ruler of my community with contesting it with any other candidate.

The peace and unity that exist in Mkpamte community today was made possible by the intervention of DEC programme with women in my community since 2013. The effort of the women in making sure that peace and strong unity of all segment of my community people made me and my entire cabinet members not to think otherwise in changing our constitution to include women in the Igwe in council and other decision making bodies in the community. Out of the 20 member cabinet of my council, women are 4 and this is the first time we are having women in the traditional councils in the local government area.

As a result of their important contributions to the issues of developing the community, we also have 4 women in the town union executives and 14 women out the 54 neighborhood watch in Mkpamte.

DEC activities and programmes in my community has thought me that the secret of governance in the community is best when you have more women in these decision making bodies as their resolutions are easily met than that of the men. Also it gives room for easy administration and implementation of projects because they are very prudent in spending and mobilization of resources and ideas.

Thanks to DEC Enugu for her work in transforming the place of women in the social and cultural world of men especially in the area of exercising powers and authority

HIS Royal Highness

Igwe B U Ujah

The traditional ruler†


My name is Mr. Kanayochukwu Ibeh from Isu-Awaa community in Awgu L.G.A of Enugu State. I came back for a vacation at home and heard our town-crier one night saying that people are coming from Development Education Centre (DEC) Enugu to Isu-Awaa for a free medical outreach and it occurred to my mind that my father Mr. Paulinus Ibeh a 63 years old man had been going from one hospital to another as a result of complicated illness. Sometimes he will be diagnosed of hernia, sometimes, sexually transmitted infection and other times malaria/typhoid fever. This had been on ground for the past four (4) years and we the children are becoming bored of the situation. Not until that day I heard that information and I said OK let me try the opportunity again hence it is at the door-step. That fateful day, people gathered from the entire community at the village square and my dadís number was among the first ten (10) for the consultation, I assisted him and he was able to give the history of his condition. After the explanation, the Doctor asked him what is wrong with him at that time he was talking. My Father said that presently his abdomen is paining him, and that he finds it difficult to urinate and empty his bladder even when his bladder is full. After close examination, the Doctor brought out a referral letter and referred him to the nearest teaching hospital (ESUT teaching hospital Enugu) where he is working and asked them to come immediately that he is suspecting that the prostrate is failing. He promised them strongly that he will handle the case himself.

The next day as the doctor said, I took him to ESUT teaching hospital Enugu where the DEC Doctor examined him well and send them for series of test which was concluded after one week. Though he was placed under some medication while waiting for the result of the test to be ready

To cut the long story short, my father was booked for a surgery which was successfully done and what I am telling you now is that my Dad urinate well, move around well etc.

Thank God for DEC Enugu who reaches people in the rural areas.††


I Mrs. Philomena Okoro a native of Okutu in Nsukka local government Area, Enugu state of Nigeria. I am forty eight years old (48), Married with seven children four boys and two girls. My husband is Fidelis Okoro a palm wine taper and I am a petty trader dealing on yellow pepper and green garden egg in my local village market called (Nkwo Okutu)

During the harvesting period I normally visit my customers in their various farms where they are harvesting the farm products and make arrangement for the number of bags (yellow pepper and garden egg) to buy, after which I sell to wholesaler who come from Enugu urban and Aba in search of the product. They will buy and I will make little profit from my sales.

This is what I do to help in the up keep of my family because my husband palm wine is not frequently available. And his Income is very little for the up keep of the family. In the year 2013, information about DEC credit programme circulated through the village town crier that DEC Enugu will come to our community for micro credit sensitization on 2nd†June 2013.

The programme did hold as scheduled and after the sensitization on micro credit scheme of DEC Enugu, I picked interest and formed a self-help group immediately with other as women, it was the criteria for participant in the credit scheme. On completion of the six weeks meeting, my group was re-sensitized and verified to access a loan of thirty thousand naira (N30, 000) in the first stage, I added the loan to my business which increased the number of bags of yellow pepper and garden egg I buy from the farmers.

Beneficiary of DEC micro credit programme†

In the year 2014, after repayment of first loan, I accessed fifty thousand naira (N50,000) and the sum was also added to my business which increases the number of bags of yellow pepper and green garden egg and this made us to chatter bus that conveys my goods to Ariaria market in Aba of Abia state. As the business progresses I thought of expanding my business by diversification, I invested in the sale of clothing, that is sample materials and all kinds of wrapper and sample laces in my new shop at Nkwo Okutu market. This is where I stay when the pepper and garden egg is out of season. Because, when I go to Aba to sell agricultural products, I buy in return cloths, sample materials which I now sell at Nkwo Okutu.

Philomena Okoro at her shop

Since I started accessing DEC credit facility, my family life changed from nobody to somebody and my childrenís Education has improved. Two of my sons Uchenna and Chikwendu Okoro have graduated from University of Nigeria Nsukka where they studied Pharmacy and Food Nutrition respectively. Also my first daughter and third son, Geraldine and Charles Okoro have completed their secondary education, and Geraldine is currently undergoing training in fashion and designing while Charles took a post university matriculation examination (UME) to study accountancy in Enugu State University of Science and Technology while the remaining three children are still in the secondary school.

Sincerely speaking, I send my profound gratitude to DEC Enugu for giving me opportunity to empower myself economically through her micro credit scheme for the active poor women in the remote rural communities. As the programme made me to belong in the society as I can boast of affording my dues in the Iyomdi meetings.


Mrs. Okoro Philomena

Member Ogadimma Okutu

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