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I am Mercy Omeh from Ezeaka/ugwuebo village Inyi community of Enugu State. I was born in the year 1994, and the second child in the family of 6; 4 boys and 2 girls. My parents are still alive; my father is a driver with a transport company while my mother is a petty trader in the village. My elder brother is an apprentice in a mechanic workshop at Obollo afor and my replica breitling superocean heritage watches younger ones are still in secondary and primary schools. I finished my secondary education in 2013 and have been helping my mother in her petty trading business. I came to know about DEC through the help of our mobilizer who approached my mother on the need for me to learn a skill and fend for myself instead of staying in the village and wasting away my talents. I picked up the form and was lucky to be among the successful ones who passed for computer training. I am happy that I am now working and getting my own income.

Before I came to DEC Enugu, I used to be afraid of computer and touching it. I taught it is something difficult to handle but now I know it is easy to operate, I can assemble and disassemble the hardware’s, identify its different parts etc. My computer training in DEC has made me to change my orientation on what I wanted to study initially in the higher institution. I will now develop myself in the area of Computer Science in future if I have the opportunity to train myself. The training I got from DEC has enabled me to cope with any environment I found myself. I will never forget DEC in my entire life because it has automatically changed my orientation and helped me to become what I am today.


I am Scholastica Azor from Amaebe village, Nnenwenta community in Awgu LGA of Enugu State. I am the second child out of five children in the family of Mr. & Mrs. Robinson and Evelyn Azor both still alive. My father is a petty trader but my mother is a farmer. I was born in the year 1990. I took my WAEC in the year 2009 from there I travelled to Benin to live with my aunty since I can’t further my education. I was doing sales girl to help my family before I came back during 2012 Christmas period when I heard about DEC skills acquisition programme through our community mobilizer. I filled the form because my interest was in fashion and designing. Things were very hard while in DEC, I did not know I can learn the skill, I was nobody before but now I am somebody.

I presently work at Waleh’s fashion & designing shop situated at Line A Shop no 5 New Heaven Market Enugu. Since I graduated in December 2014, people rushed me whenever I visited the village to give me their cloth for sewing because they believe I can sew well. I believe one day I will be a well known entrepreneur. In fact it is at the cause of my training in DEC that I met my husband which by the grace of God we will be doing our wedding by December 2015. Long Live DEC Enugu.  



Abigail Igbo a native of Ogbuanyanwu village Nnenwenta community in Awgu local Government Area of Enugu State, she is the third child in the family of six children. Her parents are still alive though poor farmers. According to her, ‘I stopped schooling at S.S.2 due to financial constraints and could not further my education and not to talk of take WAEC exams. I dropped out from school and joined my parents in their farming work after which I do hawking business of groundnut at Orie market in Awgu’. Life was not easy for her; as two of her elder brothers went to Onitsha and Aba for apprenticeship respectively. 

Through the intervention of DEC in 2010 in her community, Abigail was selected by the DEC women to go and learn a life skill at DEC Enugu. ‘I came for orientation in the year January 2014 and was successful in the interview; I was given an opportunity to undergo one year training in the skill of Hair dressing. My stay in DEC was though because I have not lived in a dormitory before; my stay in DEC helped me to face my challenges squarely and learnt that life is not bed of roses.’ Abigail worked hard to survive drawing her strength that one day she will be self reliant. Finally in December 2014 she was among the trainees that graduated and one of the beneficiaries of DEC skill equipment to start business. ‘After that I was challenged with another phase of life which was looking for an accommodation and a place to work in other to gain more experience. One of the major challenges faced during this period was the high cost of the house rent in Enugu Urban, I decided to move down to Onitsha where some of my relatives resides. I later got a saloon where I worked; I continued the search for a suitable shop to start my own business. I worked for 5 months and luck came my way, I got a shop in the street where I live with the assistance of my relatives and with the little savings I made, I was able to pay for the shop and secure it. I opened my shop for business on the 5th day of July 2015.  Today my dreams have come to reality. Kudos to DEC Enugu for her good work and empowerment programme. I will ever remain grateful to them.

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