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My name is Sarah Nwobah a native of Igweledoha in Ohatekwe community of Ikwo local Government Area of Ebonyi State. I am the third child out of five in my family. My parents Nwobah Ochen and Nwobah Christiana are poor farmers. My journey at DEC started in the year 2013 following the programme intervention of DEC Enugu in my community with our women in 2012.

The state of poverty level in my family informed the women of my community to select montblanc flyback replica watches me for entrepreneurial training at DEC Enugu. Since my childhood I have interest in learning Hair Dressing skills, I grabbed the opportunity and did my best to learn the art of hair dressing which I came to do. My journey to DEC Enugu was my first exposure to the city, it was not easy for me during my first two months, and I tried to cope with the new environment I found myself and to associate with other trainees from other communities participating in the skills acquisition programme of DEC Enugu. Finally I finished my training in December 2013, by January 2014, I got a place where I was employed for 14 months which enabled me to gain more experience in the field and make a little savings.

However, I was motivated by the equipment donated to me by DEC Enugu, having been the best graduate in my set; I strived hard to open my own shop, which by the grace of God came to fruition on April 15th 2015. The shop is located at Igberi Okputumo market Ikwo LGA of Ebonyi State. My parents could not believe their eyes because I now support in the family upkeep as I no longer expect from them. At least no more farm work all the time, I have my respect and no longer seen as a child. I am now able to pay for the shop and take good care of myself without depending on anybody. Because my own style is different from the rest of the hair stylist in the area, people patronize me more than I expected, as a matter of fact I have an apprentice by name Odinakachukwu Nweke.

My joy knew no bound because I do not know that one day I can be a manager of my own business and not to talk of training another person to become responsible in life as DEC made me today. I give all thanks to DEC Enugu for making it possible for me.


Nwoba Serah

Ikwo LGA

Ebonyi State.



2. My name is Ugochi Moses, I am a native of Amata community in Afikpo North Local Government Area of Ebonyi State. I am 22 years old and the eldest in the family of 5, 1 girl and 4 boys. My mother is a peasant farmer and my father is seriously bedridden. My parents did not have money to train me in higher institution so I had to stop at S.S. 3. I helped my mother in her farming work until our Mobilizer gave me a form for DEC’s Skill Acquisition Programme to fill in year 2013.

I engaged in six months computer training because that was where my interest was and was among the best graduating students that received sets of computers from DEC. I presently work at Business Development Consultant at New layout Enugu. I don’t know that I can operate computer, I taught computer operates itself, I know how to handle the mouse, find windows. The fear in me now is gone. I develop confidence within me, I now have hope within me that I can survive, I believe I can make it in life, I now pay my house rent, take care of my family and myself from the meager salary I earn. In fact I can manage my business centre if given the opportunity, all thanks to DEC for empowering me. Though it has not been easy to survive but through determination and hard work I can make it.



Ifeyinwa Igwe is my name, a native of Onyikwa Ndiagu Amagu community Ikwo Local Government Area of Ebonyi State. I was born in the year 1992 in a polygamous family, my parents are still alive, and both are poor farmers. My father is a palm wine tapper. I am the second child out of 15 children. I stopped at the junior secondary education because there was no money to continue sponsoring me. DEC entered our community in the year 2012, with her people oriented programmes. Having come from a poor background, I keyed into the opportunity posed in front of me to learn fashion and designing.   Fashion and designing have been my child hood dream that was why I engaged in it for the past 2 years.

My training in DEC has built ego in me; I now have choice in life. best rolex replica
Not every boy will talk to me now in the village when I travel home, and my community people and my family members now respect me. I would have entered into early marriage because that is the order of the day in my village and poverty would have cut me up by now. It is good for one to suffer first before making it in life as an English adage says “no cross, no crown”. God lifted me up through DEC. I can now design cloth for any caliber of people. More kudos to DEC Enugu! “Levels have change o.o.o”!

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