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My name is Mr. Kanayochukwu Ibeh from Isu-Awaa community in Awgu L.G.A of Enugu State. I came back for a vacation at home and heard our town-crier one night saying that people are coming from Development Education Centre (DEC) Enugu to Isu-Awaa for a free medical outreach and it occurred to my mind that my father Mr. Paulinus Ibeh a 63 years old man had been going from one hospital to another as a result of complicated illness. Sometimes he will be diagnosed of hernia, sometimes, sexually transmitted replica montblanc star watches infection and other times malaria/typhoid fever. This had been on ground for the past four (4) years and we the children are becoming bored of the situation. Not until that day I heard that information and I said OK let me try the opportunity again hence it is at the door-step. That fateful day, people gathered from the entire community at the village square and my dadís number was among the first ten (10) for the consultation, I assisted him and he was able to give the history of his condition. After the explanation, the Doctor asked him what is wrong with him at that time he was talking. My Father said that presently his abdomen is paining him, and that he finds it difficult to urinate and empty his bladder even when his bladder is full. After close examination, the Doctor brought out a referral letter and referred him to the nearest teaching hospital (ESUT teaching hospital Enugu) where he is working and asked them to come immediately that he is suspecting that the prostrate is failing. He promised them strongly that he will handle the case himself.

The next day as the doctor said, I took him to ESUT teaching hospital Enugu where the DEC Doctor examined him well and send them for series of test which was concluded after one week. Though he was placed under some medication while waiting for the result of the test to be ready

To cut the long story short, my father was booked for a surgery which was successfully done and what I am telling you now is that my Dad urinate well, move around well etc.

Thank God for DEC Enugu who reaches people in the rural areas.††

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