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The foundation was established in year 2000, a year after the death of SIR FIDELIS CHUKWUMA ASOGWA in December 1999, after a protracted illness.

Chief Fidelis Chukwuma Asogwa Knight of Saint Mulumba (KSM) was an educationist of high repute in the old East Central State.

Sir Fidelis Chukwuma Asogwa was in the field of Education from 1948 when he graduated from St. Charles Training College Onitsha to July 21st 1984 when he retired as a Principal Education Officer from the then Anambra State Civil Service after 35 years of active self less and meritorious service. SIR Fidelis Chukwuma Asogwa was appointed by the Catholic Mission in 1959 as a visiting Teacher, Supervising all the Catholic Mission Schools in the then Nsukka division as well as Schools in Affa and as far as Ninth Mile Corner. He loved truth, honesty and integrity.

Sir Fidelis lived a life of total commitment to the upliftment of the spiritual and material well-being of all and sundry. His life was completely devoid of opportunism so characteristic of many Nigerians today.


His pioneering roles in popularizing Co-operatives in the old Nsukka Division and infact the entire Igbo speaking area of Nigeria did not go unnoticed. He was honored as a Cooperative Patron by the Cooperative Federation of Nigeria. He was also one of the founding Directors of the Cooperative Bank of Eastern Nigeria, with its headquarters then at Umuahia.

Apart from being a pioneer educationist, he was also the first Ede-oballa Man to obtain the Grade 2 Teacher’s certificate. This position made him to re-double his effort to ensure that more of his people had the chance of obtaining the white man’s education. F.C’ first drive towards this goal was in the area of establishing more Schools in Ede-oballa today, only about two (2) were established without the direct motivation and involvement of Sir Fidelis Chukwuma Asogwa. As a respected Supervisor of Education in the 1960s under the Catholic Mission, he was able to convince the authorities to establish some of these Schools, with contributions from members of the Community. Apart from having a hand in the establishment of most of these Schools, including Community Secondary School, Ede-oballa, he also ensured that St. Paul’s Primary School (now Central School) Ede-oballa was up-graded and given approval for standard six examinations to be held in the School.

Sir Fidelis Chukwuma Asogwa was not only interested in educational infrastructure, but also in the people who use this infrastructures; as a result he gave Scholarships to several Pupils in the Community and beyond. There were others whose parents could not afford the school fees who benefited periodically from his benevolence.

During the One year anniversary of the demise of this great Teacher, Education Administrator and a Committed Catholic, which took place at Ede-oballa in December 2000, F.C. Asogwa’s Children under the facilitating effort of his first Daughter Dr. Cecilia Ukamaka Asogwa established an Education Trust Fund. The main objective was continuing with their father’s legacy on Education, assisting those who cannot get formal education because of poverty become educated and finally use the project to remember the great works of their Father- Sir Fidelis Chukwuma Asogwa while on earth.

The Children of Sir Fidelis Chukwuma Asogwa in 2005 re-named the Education Trust Fund as Sir FIDELIS CHUKWUMA ASOGWA Education foundation. The Foundation has sponsored this project of awarding scholarships and bursary to indigent students from Nsukka Senatorial Zone in Tertiary Institution and Senior Secondary Schools for their WAEC and NECO examination fees since 2000 to date.

The Administrative Officer of this Foundation is at the Development Education Centre (DEC) Corporate Headquarters at Enugu, whose Board of Directors and Management has graciously hosted the programs of this foundation since its inception in 2000 until date. DEC Enugu takes care of the logistics of advertisement and selection of Candidates for this award every year. The Funds for the Scholarship and Bursary Awards are made available by the children of SIR FIDELIS CHUKWUMA ASOGWA to the Foundation every year.

Since year 2000 to date (14)years, the Foundation has offered Scholarships and Bursary awards to more than 200 persons for their education in both Tertiary and Senior Secondary Schools in Nigeria and has given out more than Five Million Naira (N5,000,000) from inception to date.

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